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Maso Spilzi in Folgaria is the first public golf course in Trentino, the second ever after that of Campo Carlo Magno in Madonna di Campìglio, built by private individuals.
The idea was by Corrado Daldoss, the realization by Remo Cappelletti then Mayor of Folgaria the passion, determination and enthusiasm of both.

In 2014 Golf Club Folgaria becomes 18 holes course . At the moment the Club has approximately 300 members and hosts many national and local competition

Golf Club Folgaria Board
1987- 1990 Corrado Daldoss
1990- 1996 Cesidio Cordisco
1996- 2002 lvo Raoss
2002- 2003 Nicola Balter
2003- 2004 William Gatti
2004- 2014 lvo Raoss
2015 - 2021 Mirco Giusto

from 2021 Fabrizio Bevilacqua 


Club Manager Daniele Binda

Staff Assistent : Marilena Cuel - Angela Vicario

Green keeper : Carlo Colpi - Michele Bertoldi - Gabriele Toller - Angel Velikov - Thomas Redolfi